Pelephone Communications

Design, supply and installation of a new mini-load storage and order picking system for Pelephone, a cellular services provider
Pelephone, an Israeli cellular operator, chose Unitronics to provide an automatic warehouse as part of its new logistic center at Airport City Business Park near Ben-Gurion Airport.
The project includes planning, supplying and establishing a mini-load automatic storage and retrieval system for end-user cellular related items.

The control and software components of the system are based on Unitronics PLCs and other control software tools developed by Unitronics such as UniStock™ WMS software designed to manage material flow and automated storage in logistic systems, while continuously exchanging information with the organization’s ERP system.

Project Details

Year: 2008

Types of Equipment included: Miniloads for Totes, Picking stations

System Height: 11m

Environment: Ambient

Client WMS: Oracle