Strauss group

As the automation contractor for this project, Unitronics provided services for design; integrate with all customers’ contractors interfaced with the automated warehouse, supply, install and test of all automated components, including WMS system and all software and control systems below it, including SAP-EWM implementation.

The project required an installation of an automated warehouse spread over 3 different levels of the logistic center, required to work in two different temperatures (4⁰ C, 18⁰ C).

The automated warehouse consisted of interior systems (HBW) for storing and retrieving pallets (~15,500 locations), a unique AS/RS carton boxes/crates Miniload System (~ 11,000 locations), high throughputs, includes 2 LHD units which can handle 6 cartons/crates at a time., decanting station, conveying system, conventional racking for manual picking, shuttle-cars, flow-racks, pallet lifts, palletizing robots, sorter, pallet magazines and shrink-wrappers.

Specific tasks performed on this project included: Automated solution design (storage and retrieval and supporting conveying system), automated solution installation, internal tests, Customer tests and Customer training.

Project Details

Year: 2014

Types of Equipment included: Rack support racking system, 7 AS/RS Pallet cranes, High throughput Miniload, palletizing Robots, Pallet shuttles, Pallets elevators, Sorter, Pallets & Totes conveying systems.

Number of Pallets: 15,500

Number of Cartons: 11,000

System Height: 32m

Environment: Chilled (2-4°C) + Airconditioned 18-22°C)



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