Within the implementation stage, U-tron share its decades of experience in the field of logistics warehouses and systems, and monitor the process from the detailed design phase until the provision of service and maintenance throughout the system’s lifecycle using modern project managing tools

This includes the following basic elements

  • Detailed design of the selected option
  • Obtaining approval of the project’s design
  • Taking measurements in the field
  • Production, supply and installation of mechanical components
  • Design of electrical, control and communication systems
  • Installation of electrical and communication equipment
  • IDelivery and transfer to the service and maintenance phase
  • Installation of the control system including programming
  • Supply of an integrative software for managing the movement in all system components (also known as MFC or WCS)
  • Integration of all system components (mechanics, control and software)
  • Test runs and final tuning
  • System operation training for all levels
  • Technical and operational documentation