Grafiti – Hadera Paper Group

Graffiti Distribution Center serves thousands of businesses and elected institutions across the country. The range of products includes a particularly wide graffiti encompassing thousands of products in various fields such as office supplies, paper products, technology and peripherals, hobby and crafts, furniture, food and cleanliness

The Automatic storage and fast picking system for Grafiti enables the company to cope with the customer needs and fulfill orders within hours from demand.

The Automated  includes fast AS/RS systems with fast picking stations, integrated  carton erecting and closing machines, Pick by Light system and carton conveying systems.

All components integrated with Unitronics’ control & Software system (UniStock ® Package) and interfaces with Client home developed ERP.

Project Details

Year: 2011

Types of Equipment included: 4 Commissioners, 2 Fast Picking Stations, on-line Carton erecting & Clossing machins, Pik by Light system (600 tunnels), totes conveyors

System Height: 11m

Environment: Ambient

Client WMS: proprietary system