Israel Erectric Corp. (IEC)

As prime contractor for this project, Unitronics provided a Full Turn-key Project for site preparation, construction, and installation of a fully operational multi-building facility for the Israel Electric Company (IEC) northern logistic center.

The project required turning a “green field” to a fully operational facility that included an automatic warehouse, logistics center, and surrounding roads, parking, and other areas.

The automated warehouse consisted of interior systems for storing and retrieving pallets (HBW) and AS/RS Miniload system for plastic totes (~14,000 positions), picking stations, conveying system, manual racking for odd-shapes, fully furnished offices, conference rooms, gym, kitchen, showers, parking lots, mezzanines, fences, and computer hardware.

Specific tasks performed on this project included:

Ground works (including the disposal of hazardous materials), Issuing of permits, Site and building design, Construction works, Automated solution design (storage and retrieval and supporting conveying system), Automated solution installation, Internal tests, Customer tests, Customer training, Site + building + automated warehouse hand over to the customer, and Warranty service and support.

Project Details

Year: 2012

Types of Equipment included: Rack support racking system, 2 Pallet AS/RS Cranes. Miniload, pallets Trolley, Pallets Picking stations, Tote picking station, Manual pallet racking

System Height: 25m

Environment: Ambient

Client WMS: SAP-WM