Maman Air Cargo Terminal

Design, supply and installation of an automated logistic system for Maman Air-Cargo Terminal in Ben-Gurion international airport

Unitronics was selected as general contractor, design, install, implement and provide 24X7 service and support for a busy international air cargo terminal operated by Maman.

The Maman Group specializes in providing ground handling services for cargo and passengers at Israel’s airports. At Ben Gurion International Airport, Maman offers the full spectrum of air cargo handling services for inbound and outbound international flights.

The system consists of automated storage and retrieval systems, conveying elements, a monorail system, control and software systems – providing a throughput of 300 pallet transactions per hour.

The control and software components of the system are based on Unitronics PLCs and other control software tools developed by Unitronics such as UniStock™ WMS software designed to manage material flow and automated storage in logistic systems, while continuously exchanging information with the organization’s ERP system.

Project Details

Year: 1999

Types of Equipment included: 6 AS/RS Pallets Cranes, Monorail system, Pallets conveyors

Number of Pallets: 3,000

System Height: 18m

Environment: Ambient

Client WMS: proprietary system